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Contact Marcella Andersen  Marcella Andersen (505) 877-2724 ex: 52204 Educational Assistant
Contact Yesenia Ochoa  Yesenia Ochoa Nurse

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My name is Yesenia Ochoa. I am a Registered nurse with a background in General Pediatrics and Pediatric Critical Care experience. As a school nurse, my main priority is ensuring your child’s safety.

Here in the nurses office for the first time in a long time we will be staffed with a dedicated Full-time RN and a well-equipped Health Assistant (HA). Marcella has been the HA for well over 25 years and she knows the ins and outs of school health.

We deliver first aid, life saving measures when needed and training to staff in situations related to your child’s illness. We work together with the provider to ensure your child receives the care they need when they need it. We are capable of delivering medication and injections when ordered by your provider.

In the health office we want to ensure your child is healthy and is attending school therefore we provide:

-Free Health Screenings

-Dental Clinics (provided by Smile NM)

-Flu Shot Clinics

-Immunization Compliance (After 3 notices your child will be dis-enrolled unit vaccines are obtained)

Health Office Screenings

The health office screens the following students in the following grades at the beginning of the school year as follows:

Pre- K: Distance vision

Kinders: Complete Vision testing, hearing, height, Weight/BMI, Dental Check

1st - 3rd: Distance Vision, Height, Weight/BMI, Dental Check

Asthma Actions Plans and/or Allergy Action plans

Asthma Actions Plans and/or Allergy Action plans need to be signed annually at the beginning of the school year by your child’s pediatrician and yourself if you want the health office to administer inhalers or Epi pens while at school. If student is old enough they can carry their inhaler with them.

Picking Up Your Child Up Due to Illness

If you are picking up your child up due to illness from the health office please have your ID available and be ready to sign them out from us. This is an excused absence. We will call you to pick-up your child for any acute illness symptoms such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, moderate to severe pain and rash.